Pack your bags were moving

So this is me being slightly fickled and trying new things an all that. I’ve decided to move across to blogger for the simple reason of the interface being SO much easier, well that and i may have a higher chance of actually updating it, so the bags are all packed and were moving out so check it out



WEEK 1- The beginning of the end

Week 1, first scene, now that i’m thinking about it i probably should’ve shown you guys production art and what not but this character has gone through so many design changes that the frames u see now may eventually change in the  final product.

I started this film somewhere in the middle and im working my way outwards i know that seems kinda backward but in my head it seems to make sense so bear  with my process, i hope you like the stills.


Round 1- Go For Broke!

I’ve  finally gotten around to doing a blog, partially because i’m afraid that my procastination habit may get the better of me and partly becasue i need to find a way to document this process.

What process is that your’e asking, great question jimmy, the process is animation…and this little film im working on called untitled

thats it right there….had another idea before i realsied oh wait …i’ll have to be animating this, but to be quite honest this idea is more closer to home and depressingly more me..but i’ll get into that more later.

So keep reading for more updates as you learn my attempts, failures and outcomes of an illustrative geek on the road to becoming an animator and creating his first film 😀

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